Executive Coaching Master Class Sponsored by KnowledgeCrush: Thursday, May 20th

How to Say Yes (When You Really Mean No) will the be focus on a free executive coaching master class this upcoming Thursday, May 20th from 12:05 PM (noon) to 1:05 PM US Eastern time (9:05 AM – 10:05 AM US West Coast time). Sponsored by KnowledgeCrush, the teleconference will focus on this particular topic for the first 30 minutes and the balance of the time will be open for participant questions / suggestions on any related topic.

Learning how to both get along AND hold your ground is a critical skill for leaders of all levels. While often the easiest thing to do is to simply say “no,” it’s often not the most effective. And saying “yes” when it’s not warranted can lead to a host of problems and issues later.This topic is based on a recent post of the same title.

Registration information can be found here at Eventbrite, and is encouraged beforehand. These free public sessions will be held monthly on different topics through 2010.

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