Pick Up the Phone. Call.

"Kellogg" brand "candle stick&q...

It’s easy to do in our digital world; send the email or text, respond via text or email back and forth and before you know it the thread has 7 or 8 back and forths.

Do something different; pick up the phone and call.

Or do what I do – send a note to ask when the person’s available to take a call and call them then.

While email and text are often handy, the medium suffers from low bandwidth to deliver rich context and nuance.  Even with the advent of emoticons – those smiling / frowning / happy faces – email and text is a communication modality best left for short and binary (e.g. pizza with anchovies or not?).

There’s good data that suggests the sound (note this does not mean leaving a voicemail) of a live voice can be more impactful and effective than an email and while it’s often “inconvenient,” bad news and good news is best delivered with a voice than text/email.

Things like hiring someone – or firing someone – are best done via voice (and preferably in person on the latter) rather than communicating via text.

So do the smart thing when it’s important or semi-complicated. Pick up the phone and call.

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“Kellogg” brand “candle stick” style telephone from c. early 20th century. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)