Practice What You Preach?

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Old Testament Preaching

The advice I give my executive coaching clients (same thing to the leadership and startup teams I work with but that’s a different subject) is to take periodic breaks.

The research, for example in works by people like John Medina (Brain Rules) is pretty clear and persuasive; intermittent breaks give your mind and body a chance to recharge, refresh, and replenish. You actually perform at a higher level (since your productivity is so much better) than if you stayed tied to your desk, cubicle, or nearest grindstone and kept plugging away.

It may be counterintuitive but it works. And works well.

So I’ll be off this upcoming week, returning Monday August 15 to my consulting work coaching execs, working with people in career transition, and my coaching work with leadership and startup teams. During this time (pick your vacation spots well) I’ll have no access to voicemail or email. In an emergency people can get a hold of me via message relay the old fashioned way (call a front desk – have a note left for you at the main lodge) at 415 641-1242.

See you again August 15th!

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