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The Talent Test: The Problem with “High Potentials”

Cover of "The Talent Code: Greatness Isn'...

The headline in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month blared “Employees with ‘High Potential’ Need to Know.” There’s just one problem. If you want to screw up talent, tell them they’ve got high potential – shorthand for they’ve been tapped and they’re great. Why? Research (Carol Dweck) shows that labeling folks doesn’t work to […]

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[High Potential Employees] How Do You Choose the Chosen Few?

The question from my client was common: who do you spend limited resources ¬†for coaching and development of high potential employees? And, even harder, how do you know it’s money well spent? The ¬†takeaway from working in and around corporations for almost 30 years is that most of the efforts spent on high potential employees […]

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