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[Land O’Spin] On the (Mini) Beach

I don’t know if it’s my low-grade fever, or the horizontal viewing angle from two days in bed, but it seems that Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (or his handlers) continue to struggle to find the setting that works for him. Like John McCain behind a teleprompter, the settings in which Geithner has been placed: speaking behind teleprompters, testifying behind those long tables on the Hill, on-camera and off, and standing and speaking extemporaneously at press conferences have all bounced.

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[New Rules] 5 Landmines to Sidestep When Changing Jobs

Landmine Explosion during UNMIN Training

Changing jobs in today’s economy is tough enough without adding complexity. But something as seemingly straight forward and simple as moving from one organization to another for a job change can get sketchy if you manage to make some highly avoidable mistakes.

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[Land O’Spin] What’s YOUR Test Score?

Employment testing is great if it predicts performance in a role. If it doesn’t then test results are suggestive at best, and like firearms, not something that should be in the hands of kids or amateurs. And while, as my former boss Magnus Lundberg might observe, testing diagnoses what’s in somebody’s head, it misses what is in somebody’s heart. And since success is frequently a matter of both head and heart, it misses a good chunk of the story.

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[Through the Glass Door] The Genentech Acquisition: An Open Letter to Basel

As the new owners you might want to think about how you’re going to keep some of the current great talent, or even attract new talent when some of the newly minted Genentech millionaire employees decide to do the unusual and really retire. It’s not easy – the people who settled in North America in the old days were adventurers and today’s inhabitants still are. I meet these entrepreneurial souls all the time, and a few of them are even from Switzerland, where they say (sorry for the candor) that the phrase “Swiss creativity” is an oxymoron.

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[Life Back West] March 2009 – The Value of Experience

A little experience goes a ways, and a lot of experience goes even further. It may not mean you know the answers to the future, but it provides a data set that is significantly greater than those who are newly initiated. I remember Todd Wanerman from the preschool our son Traylor attended (and on whose board […]

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[Land O’Spin] I’ve got it, I’ve got it, what is it?

Why is getting good at this assessment business important? Because with those two abilities nailed – getting good at noting behaviors and knowing what to look for – you can begin to do some serious, highly suggestive (heading toward predictive) assessing on a number of things: employee hiring, employer preferences, choosing a spouse/partner, even selecting a school for your kids to attend.

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[Land O’Spin] Paging Jane Higa

We all get asked to make assessments– a more polite word for judgments – and frankly most of us aren’t very good at it. Typically the descriptive words we use are vague at best, can get easily lost in translation from one person to another, and have their basis in some assumed sense of common underpinning qualities. For day-to-day life it works mostly – until it doesn’t – and the bump can be large and noticeable (e.g. “banking credit problem”).

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“Making New Friends (The Interview)” – Part 4 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”


It may sound corny but interviews are best reframed as making friends. While not every interviewer is friendly, if you make the effort to connect you may be favorably surprised. If you’ve done the things you should have done – shown up on time, thoroughly field tested yourself through informational interviews, and done your research on the prospective employer – you’ll perform in the interviews markedly better and can relax a little and learn about the people with whom you’re meeting.

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