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[Companies like Pfizer, BlackRock & You] It’s Your (Job) Life

Logo of Pfizer Incorporated.

Corporations make decisions for all sorts of reasons. You will not benefit from all of them. And because of that it’s important that you manage your career and your life rather than hope that someone else will manage it well for you. Some corporate decisions, like Pfizer’s plug-pulling of its development of a major biotech […]

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[Through the Glass Door] The Sale of BGI to BlackRock: Does I Do Mean I Will?

It appears that the done deal is in fact a done deal: New York City-based BlackRock Investment Management will purchase Barclays Global Investors, a unit of London-based Barclays PLC, for $13.5 billion. As part of the transacton, Blackrock will pay $6.6 billion dollars in cash and the rest in shares to Barclays. Barclays will hold […]

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[Barclays Sale of BGI] And the Winner Is. . .

BlackRock (or here ). The twist to watch will be to see if BlackRock spins / sells BGI’s iShares unit. The presumption on the street is that many of BGI’s employees – outside of the ETF iShares unit –  will have their employment terminated as BlackRock has a number of redundancies in the BGI operation […]

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[Barclays Global Investors & iShares] Will the Sale Be Called Off?

Part of what has caused rumored ongoing discussion (e.g. “water cooler” talk) at Barclays Global Investors and its iShares division is that the shake out on who stays and who likely goes depends on who acquires – if anyone – the unit(s). As pointed out in earlier posts here , here ,  and here , […]

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[Barclays, BGI and iShares] The Fun Just Doesn’t Seem to Stop

More news continues to pop as parent corporation Barclays PLC works toward the expiration date of June 18th for its “go shop” period for a possible sale of San Francisco-based (pick one) Barclays Global Investors with its Exchange Traded Funds iShares unit, BGI and iShares sold separately, or iShares alone. As noted in an earlier […]

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[New Rules] The Name Game: What Job Title Should You Ask For?

Job Titles

Mike Latham, who I know through my work at Barclays Global Investors, is a good guy and a good manager: He gets things done, is transparent in his dealings, is funny, works hard, knows the business, and is respected and liked by the people with whom he works. His job title – CEO of United […]

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[Barclays Global Investors] New Bidder for iShares or BGI AND iShares?

Reuters UK reported Sunday that there is a likely new bidder and new interest for the iShares unit of San Francico based-Barclays Global Investors as a firm called BC Partners has trumped an earlier bid by 500 million pounds over CVC Partners earlier bid of 3 billion pounds. During this 45 day "go shop" period […]

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[Land O’Spin] How to Find Great Talent: Susan Boyle and Other Discoveries

The key to assessing talent is to suspend judgement and belief, and closely observe what people do – not what they say they’re going to do, what they said they did, or the packaging or wrapper on how they present what they do / did / or will do. It is a hard thing to do for some at first, but surprisingly easy as you practice it. When you get to the point where – like a sing-a-long ball on a sing-a-long musical, you can strip away all the façade and assess talent for what it really is.

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[The Barclays iShares and Genentech Acquisitions] Deals Are Done – Now Comes the Fun

CVC Capital and Roche both face similar employee acquisition issues if you distill it down and put it in simple terms: who is a keeper, and we want them to stay, and who is not a keeper, and we don’t care – or perhaps we prefer – if they go. And note there are likely several middle grounds, including employees the new owners would like to stay awhile, but perhaps not forever.

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