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[Ways to Say Thanks] “Great Articles”

There are a number of benefits from working with individuals as an executive coach, and working with start-up and leadership teams as a team coach. Some of them are financial, and some of them are pride in accomplishment.  Some of the benefits are the unexpected thank you’s that make you smile from the inside. Here’s […]

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[Dept. of Bad Advice] How You Can Interview Well. . .

Cover of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas S...

. . . and Disregard Dan and Chip Heath’s How-to-Interview Recommendations I think Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is a really good book. Most of the Heath brother’s content is great, both in their book, as well as in their monthly column for Fast Company. But even Babe Ruth stuck out, and […]

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[Through the Glass Door] BlackRock Announces Barclays Global Investors Job Cuts

Bloomberg reports that the BlackRock filing with the State of California indicated that 89 positions (out of more than 1,500+) were eliminated as a result of BlackRock’s integration of Barclays Global Investors. Barclays PLC had sold San Francisco-headquartered BGI to BlackRock earlier this year in a move to increase capital reserves to meet United Kingdom […]

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[Singing Kumbaya] Roche’s Account of the Genentech Acquistion

We all do it – change stories to adopt a narrative we’d like to remember rather than what might have actually happened. Years ago a close friend had a scare with lung cancer, which turned out to be some form of fungal infection. His state – which was scared s___less, morphed to a revised version […]

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[The BGI Integration] Welcome to BlackRock: “Louder, Faster, Angrier”

Culture change resulting from mergers and acquisitions can be interesting though usually more interesting on the acquiring than acquired side of the bargain. In one or both cases it involves change. Any change, while fun to some, is dreadful for others. And when it involves culture change, it hits people right in the values and behaviors […]

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[Managing Your Career] Is Someone on Facebook / LinkedIn Stalking You?

Help! I think I’m being stalked. Not the case of “someone’s watching you at home, better protect your family” sort of way, but being followed, and for five months no less. And funny thing is my bet is that the would-be stalkers – G.J. King and Darek DeFreece – don’t even know they’re stalking me. […]

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Can You Trust the Recruiter?

Trust Me (book)

The voice at the other end of the voicemail sounded sincere and the message they left earlier about the possible job sounds great. But is too good to be true just that: too good to be true? And can you trust the recruiter who left the message? The short answer is “maybe”. And here’s more. […]

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[New Rules] Did You Flunk the Test?


You have a testing problem – you probably just don’t know it. As noted earlier [here , here and here ], the use of psychological and personality tests to make hiring and promotion decisions is on the uptick. With the recent US Supreme Court Ricci vs. Stefano decision, any number of ill-advised HR types will […]

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I’ll Take China

My first trip to China last week as part of work with a client brought back memories of business from almost three decades ago. It was a different time and a very different place, but ff you worked in business in the 1980’s in the United States, all eyes seemed to be focused on Japan. […]

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[Companies like Pfizer, BlackRock & You] It’s Your (Job) Life

Logo of Pfizer Incorporated.

Corporations make decisions for all sorts of reasons. You will not benefit from all of them. And because of that it’s important that you manage your career and your life rather than hope that someone else will manage it well for you. Some corporate decisions, like Pfizer’s plug-pulling of its development of a major biotech […]

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