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When is the Best Time to Build Your Professional Network?

A segment of a social network

My colleague John Rehm – fresh from a tour of duty in Asia with IDEO leading innovation projects – flagged a post at HBR.com by Campbell Soup Company CEO and President Doug Conant titled Five Steps to Building Your Network. If you’ve read Conant’s book with Nette Norgaard,  Touchpoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the […]

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What’s Your Handle?

A picture of a door handle.

People pursuing career transition or simply a new job search need crisp, succinct ways of communicating what they’re looking for, and the skills, experiences and background that serve as their foundation. I call it a “handle.” Something that gives somebody something to grab on to, or something that gives some stickiness – think of two […]

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Tips for Execs: A Drive By is Not a Check-In

Traylor and me

I’m having lunch and a close-out conversation with an exec coaching client in Silicon Valley today. She has made obtained great results with small changes; her boss thinks she’s doing great and frankly so do I. And she’s got a lesson or two that you can use. One of the things she’s done is slowed […]

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What Do You Do When There’s Tension at the Top?

King Kong atop Empire State Bldg

There are three well-known West Coast asset management firms (financial services speak for mutual funds, venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, or fund of funds firms) – none of them clients – where the firm’s leadership team members barely tolerate each other. They talk when they must. Otherwise they minimize their working relationships as much […]

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Life & Death Lessons for Startups

Diagram of the typical financing cycle for a s...

There are lessons that some startups learn after they’ve crashed, and mistakes that successful startups either learn early or avoid making. If you want to be successful as a startup, learn these lessons early – or be very lucky and avoid them. Lunch yesterday with my friend and colleague Dr. Jo Whitehouse – a rockstar in the […]

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Choose You!

Finger pointing

Four data points hit my brain this week. All intersected at the same point. Choose you! Point 1: Seth Godin started the theme with a blog post titled Reject the tyranny of being picked; pick yourself. His point? Don’t succumb to the fantasy that gatekeepers (his word) like book publishers, record producers, and HR recruiters […]

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The Best Steps to Prevent Senior New Hire Failure?

A Mark 117 bomb.

The cost to hire a good senior exec (think CFO, GC, COO, CMO, CEO  etc.)  is pricey. The people are talented, can be really good at what they do, and the market in some sectors is seriously hot. To compound things, talent poaching – the recruiting of a senior exec from one firm to another […]

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Hired Your Agent Yet? – [Your Career]

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Two data points but heck, that’s how suspicion about global warning started; unless you’re Oklahoma Senator Jim Imhofe, we all know what that data ended up demonstrating. What might these two data points be, and what do they mean for you? Last week Martin Burns (@RecruiterMoe) one of my Twitter friends was tweeting the joys and […]

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Barclays Exec Bonuses: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan


It’s not often that I get tracked down by a reporter; today was an exception. The UK press is in an uproar over the news that the top five managers at Barclays were paid £110m in bonuses (about US$178M). One enterprising reporter, Tom Leonard from the UK Daily Mail, tracked me down, knowing that I had […]

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