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Are You Putting Foxes in Your Chicken Coop?

Chicken in public market, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, M...

Recusal – one of my favorite 50¢ words – is the act of a judge (or anyone else) removing themselves from a process as a participant because of a conflict of interest. While there’s no bright line, there is still a line; step over it and you’re conflicted, stay on the “right” side and you’re […]

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The Best Steps to Prevent Senior New Hire Failure?

A Mark 117 bomb.

The cost to hire a good senior exec (think CFO, GC, COO, CMO, CEO  etc.)  is pricey. The people are talented, can be really good at what they do, and the market in some sectors is seriously hot. To compound things, talent poaching – the recruiting of a senior exec from one firm to another […]

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