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Time To Be Greedy: Your “Brand”

By doing a bit of prep work now you will save work and time for later when you will have little of the latter (time), and too much of the former (work). For companies, since most firms will be hanging back, still fearful of a deeper slide to come, you can practice the art of first advantage and be – as Warren Buffet might suggest – a little greedy .

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Naismith’s Pride: Teamwork Spells Success

First basketball team at the University of Kan...

Basketball, more than any other sport, is the ultimate team experience: nothing else comes close in the way five players must play well together and the lessons for business are endless. Unlike tennis or golf, where the presence of teaming usually invokes an antigen -like response basketball requires that all five players work well together. An unlike soccer or North American football, where a weak player or two can carried (and hidden), players who don’t perform in basketball are as obvious as the naked streaker at a formal wedding.

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[Through the Glass Door] Layoffs at McKesson?

From some simple analytics from WordPress and Google, you can find out the referring sites that people link from to get to this website, the words people use in search engines to visit, and even the places from which their computer is logged on (3 visitors from Boise, 2 visitors from Budapest, none from Bangor).

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[Through the Glass Door] Does Art Levinson Stay at Genentech?

Folks like Art – as well as many if not most of the Genentech exec team – have lots of options. Everyone loves a winner, and loves a winner with a string of success even more. And the with a retention plan in place that only keeps folks until the summer, my bet is that a la Chiron a number of folks leave once the plan’s handcuffs are off.

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[Through the Glass Door] Barclays and iShares: Is Breaking Up Hard to Do?

While breaking up was tough in high school, if it happens with BGI’s iShares you can see first hand how tricky – or easy – it gets in business. For people in financial services it offers a chance to see if a new owner brings better – or worse performance. For organizational development and human resources types, it will offer a first hand peek at things that work, and things that don’t in organizational change.

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[New Rules] 5 Landmines to Sidestep When Changing Jobs

Landmine Explosion during UNMIN Training

Changing jobs in today’s economy is tough enough without adding complexity. But something as seemingly straight forward and simple as moving from one organization to another for a job change can get sketchy if you manage to make some highly avoidable mistakes.

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[Through the Glass Door] The Genentech Acquisition: An Open Letter to Basel

As the new owners you might want to think about how you’re going to keep some of the current great talent, or even attract new talent when some of the newly minted Genentech millionaire employees decide to do the unusual and really retire. It’s not easy – the people who settled in North America in the old days were adventurers and today’s inhabitants still are. I meet these entrepreneurial souls all the time, and a few of them are even from Switzerland, where they say (sorry for the candor) that the phrase “Swiss creativity” is an oxymoron.

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