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Can Introverts (Co) Rule the World?

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They’re sometimes dismissed – usually by extroverts – as “too shy” and not-so-good at speaking up. Social skills to mix it up in crowds can seem lacking. When they’re “on point” it can seem like they can falter. They are said to have “issues” when it comes to small talk; not great “speaking on their feet.” So can […]

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3 Quick Items Worth Catching

Reading (process)Dan Pink's new book To Sell is Human has terrific great research on getting your ideas across. Here's a link to a short video of his 6 Successors to the Elevator Pitch.

Three posts worth your reading / watching time: Dan Pink’s new book To Sell is Human has terrific great research on getting your ideas across. Here’s a link to a short video of his 6 Successors to the Elevator Pitch. Former McKinsey consultant Andrew Sobel’s sweet spot is client relationships. Here’s a recent post titled […]

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The Power of Positive Thinking: How Did Pollyanna Know?

“Facts,” as former President Ronald Reagan once noted, “are stupid things.” And as John Adams more accurately noted, “Facts are stubborn things” as well. So when your normal mode of operation squares off with the facts of evidence-based research, it’s time to stop being stupid or stubborn, and think about changes to your way of […]

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You Are Your Message: How to Speak / Present Well in Public

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” and advanced a number of prophetic ideas – all from the vantage of the 1960’s. McLuhan’s thoughts apply to you – including predicting the over extension of technology, and the intensification of the world community to its present expression as a “global village.” McLuhan’s quip regarding […]

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[Palm’s Employee Retention Handcuffs] Can They Stop the Exit Hemorrhaging?

Palm, the maker of mobile products, is losing talent. Tech journalist Kara Swisher has commented that Palm is a company with nine lives. This, by my count, is number ten. Michael Abbott, SVP of Software, and Caitlin Spaan, VP of Carrier Marketing, have both left Palm. Abbott landed at Twitter. SEC filings indicate that CFO […]

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[Scott Berkun] How “Trying” Improves Your Performance

Readers of this blog know that the body of emerging research by people like Carol Dweck from Stanford or Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvannia show that trying, self discipline, and constant learning – rather than simply going to the right schools, having a high IQ, or having the right credentials – is what […]

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The End of “High Potential” Employees: What Does It Mean for You?

My doctor Michael Sdao practices what he terms “evidence-based” medicine: he puts his faith primarily in approaches and procedures that have been validated by substantiated research. While it’s not necessarily the most daring of approaches,  in the main the outcomes (knock on wood) have been pretty good. Organizations, on the other hand, are pretty hit […]

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[Trick or Treat] The Trouble with Incentives

As a senior at Tigard High School, the Prom Queen was selected by a canned food competition between the three high school classes. The goal was to incent students to both show school spirit and bring in canned foods for people who were less fortunate and needed the food to eat to live. Both competitive […]

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Engaged Alumni at Willamette U: Why Would You Want Them?

Would you? Short answer: it depends. This post is part of a continuing conversation about ways to improve alumni engagement at Willamette University, located in Salem, Oregon. Willamette is one of the oldest universities in the western United States (“The First University in the West”) and is an independent, nonsectarian institution of higher learning founded […]

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