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How Do You Find Wise Talent? Look for Hands Like Janet’s

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It was a nice compliment – as a finished a full day of facilitating and flipcharting – from a participant at an offsite I facilitated in Hong Kong. “You have,” she said, “an amazing ability to distill what somebody said to a few words and capture it perfectly.” “Thanks” I offered; “I’ve had lots of […]

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The Little Book of Talent: What Should You Look for in a Coach?

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Executive, career, and team coaches come in all flavors. How do you know who you should hire? Daniel Coyle, author of the best seller The Talent Code, has a new book out, The Little Book of Talent: 52 Tips for Improving Your Skills. Read it. Coyle’s work has lots of great, research-based ideas on boosting […]

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The Talent Test: The Problem with “High Potentials”

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The headline in the Wall Street Journal earlier this month blared “Employees with ‘High Potential’ Need to Know.” There’s just one problem. If you want to screw up talent, tell them they’ve got high potential – shorthand for they’ve been tapped and they’re great. Why? Research (Carol Dweck) shows that labeling folks doesn’t work to […]

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