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[Life Back West] Early Autumn 2014 – The Big Reset

English: Value function in Prospect Theory, dr...

We might sell our Dolores Park area home, a house we’ve lived in for 20 years. But then again, if the price isn’t right, we might not. We might pare down early – accelerating a plan 10 years out – and buy a place in Stanley Saitowitz’ minimalistic 8 Octavia in Hayes Valley. But then again, if […]

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[Life Back West] March 2014 – The Six O’Clock Club


Ask any priest, competitive athlete like Michael Jordan, or experienced traveler. Rituals done with intent bring meaning to life. They also work, doing things like boosting performance and making things go better. Francesca Gino and Michael I. Norton noted in Scientific American that “investigations by psychologists have revealed intriguing new results demonstrating that rituals can have […]

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[Life Back West] August 2013 – “Sometimes a Great Notion”

Dictionary Series - Philosophy: trueI could say I predicted that the Chronicle's C.W. Nevius would write "The vibe may be more Mission than Marina today" when talking about trendy neighborhoods in the City.

I could tell you that 23 years ago when I moved to San Francisco I figured out that my neighborhood in the Mission would be the hippest place to live west of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, if not North America. I could say I predicted that the Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius would write “The vibe may be more Mission […]

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[Life Back West] June 2012 – “Perfect”

English: Baker Beach and Golden Gate Bridge

Indian grandmothers, perhaps the same ones that shared my Cathay Pacific red-eye from Hong Kong earlier that day, dotted the crowd helping out with their grandkids. Rachel Herbert, successful entrepreneur and owner of three hit restaurants (all three parks + dogs with Dolores Park Cafe, Duboce Park Cafe, and Precita Park Cafe) was doing her part collecting […]

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[Life Back West] February 2012 – “Back to the Future”

Dolores Park, San Francisco, California

Our 20 week-old Terrier-mix pup Porter’s maiden trip to Dolores Park brought back memories of the countless mornings and evenings spent with our much beloved, now-deceased, mutt Roady playing chase, kong fetch, and rolling on his back (Roady, not me) playing “sharky.” It may turn out that you can go back, but will you find […]

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