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Hired Your Agent Yet? – [Your Career]

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Two data points but heck, that’s how suspicion about global warning started; unless you’re Oklahoma Senator Jim Imhofe, we all know what that data ended up demonstrating. What might these two data points be, and what do they mean for you? Last week Martin Burns (@RecruiterMoe) one of my Twitter friends was tweeting the joys and […]

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Tips for Getting New Business: Can You Hurry Love?

Supremes, The - You Can't Hurry Love - D - 1966

Over hot chocolate (Peet’s non-fat, no whipped cream) this week, the search headhunter – newer to that side of the desk after running executive recruiting for one the nation’s blue chip companies on the other side of the proverbial desk  –  asked the awkward question. His candidate search work for engagements had been outstanding; his […]

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