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One (More) Headhunter “Secret”: “See Me”

An Ifugao warrior with some of his trophies; I...

There are “secrets” in the executive search trade that anyone who hopes to be headhunted (or hire a headhunter to fill an opening) should know. A set of 10 tips are here; another 7 more are here. Here’s an 18th tip: what you do in the search process can stick with you for a lifetime. While the […]

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Is Your Goose Cooked if a Headhunter’s Been Hired for Your Job?

Cover of "Cooked Goose"

You’ve been promoted to a job on an interim basis and perhaps promised a strong shot at that role on a permanent basis. Your company has just hired a search firm to handle the “permanent” placement. Are you at risk? Maybe. Or maybe not. That’s the situation that Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinshohn finds himself […]

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Yahoo CEO’s Resume Blame Game: Is It the Headhunter’s Fault?

Yahoo 10-K

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson – he of the phantom computer science degree that found its way on his official resume filed with the SEC – was either fired or resigned. The question remains; whose fault was it that the resume mistake wasn’t caught earlier? The now-departed Thompson said that exec search firm Heidrick & Struggles was […]

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The Hiring Game: One More Secret

James Bond 007 (role-playing game)

Turns out just when I thought I knew many of the tricks of the trade in the world of executive search consultants (also known as headhunters), one more tip crossed my radar. While meeting this week about a very interesting corporate global role with a San Francisco firm (more on the opportunity in an upcoming […]

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Should You Hire Your Own Boss and Other Mistakes

Steve Jobs and John Sculley

Like dipping into the summer water of Northern California (Wow! Pretty cold!) if you’re teaching someone to swim in the San Francisco Bay, I spend time for the executive and career coaching part of my work with recruiters, executive search consultants, and sometimes applying for jobs. How else to know how the job market works […]

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Are You Putting Foxes in Your Chicken Coop?

Chicken in public market, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, M...

Recusal – one of my favorite 50¢ words – is the act of a judge (or anyone else) removing themselves from a process as a participant because of a conflict of interest. While there’s no bright line, there is still a line; step over it and you’re conflicted, stay on the “right” side and you’re […]

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Tips for Getting New Business: Can You Hurry Love?

Supremes, The - You Can't Hurry Love - D - 1966

Over hot chocolate (Peet’s non-fat, no whipped cream) this week, the search headhunter – newer to that side of the desk after running executive recruiting for one the nation’s blue chip companies on the other side of the proverbial desk  –  asked the awkward question. His candidate search work for engagements had been outstanding; his […]

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[CFO Job Hunters Version] What Do Employers Really Want?

Advertisement from the Boston Directory, 1851

One mystery for more senior job hunters is the  question of “What do employers really want?” in terms of backgrounds, skill sets and experience. Thanks to one executive search person you can get one good answer – particularly if you’re looking fill a Chief Financial Officer role. Karen Quint of Spencer Stuart addressed the San […]

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7 (More) Secrets Headhunters Usually Don’t Tell You

Top Secret!

Like thousands of others, you probably have already read “Ten Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You” ( here ) which covered the in and outs of working with headhunters. (Readers can go also through the full basics of job-hunting by reading the “Choose Me, Hire Me” series which starts here .) But while headhunters can be helpful […]

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What Should You Do WHEN the Headhunter Calls?

An Olivetti rotary dial telephone, c.1940s

The call on the line is from a headhunter: now what? Richard Nelson Bolles has noted that the best proven job hunting method is when a job hunter takes time to sit down and do some really good work on figuring out who they are and what they have to offer. And working your personal […]

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