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Job Hopping? Why Your Next Job is STILL a Temporary Job

Corporations make decisions for all sorts of reasons. You may benefit from some of them, but it’s unlikely you will benefit from all of them. And because of that it’s important that you manage your career and your life rather than hope that someone else will manage it well for you. And that means you […]

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[Anatomy of Success] The Perfect Job (or Career) Hunt

The winners in this month’s women’s and men’s U.S. collegiate basketball “March Madness” tournaments will show us how to hit the sweet spot of three qualities that every job hunter or career considerer (try saying that word fast) should target as they think about their job hunt, or  career switch. On the subject of careers, […]

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[CFO Job Hunters Version] What Do Employers Really Want?

Advertisement from the Boston Directory, 1851

One mystery for more senior job hunters is the  question of “What do employers really want?” in terms of backgrounds, skill sets and experience. Thanks to one executive search person you can get one good answer – particularly if you’re looking fill a Chief Financial Officer role. Karen Quint of Spencer Stuart addressed the San […]

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