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Talent Wars: The “A” Player Hoax

The cover of The Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. ...

We love easy solutions: take a pill and lose weight; go to the right schools and become a zillionaire; hire the right “A” player new talent while clearing out the “C” deadwood and make your business a great success. But life (mostly) is not that way. As Ronald Reagan said, “It’s simple, but not simplistic.” […]

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[Jerry Rice] The (Simple) Secret to Your Success

There is a secret to your success. It’s on page 9 of the Sunday, February 9, 2010 print edition of the San Francisco Chronicle’s article about American professional football player Jerry Rice. It’s the same secret that Malcolm Gladwell covered in Outliers, when he reported on the work of K. Anders Ericsson. It’s the same […]

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