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[Land O’Spin] The Genentech Talent Factory

There are a number of the ways to spot effective leadership over a period of time. One to watch is the degree to which people from the leader’s organization succeed outside the firm. While this is a knife that cuts two ways, as covered below, it’s a quick test to see if that leader has […]

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[Jurassic Park] The New Big (Company) Kid on the Block

I drove to my client, a company on the Peninsula, past what was formerly Genentech Inc. (acquired by Roche) in South Francisco, on the same day that General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If I had driven further south I would have passed buildings that formerly housed Bay Networks and 3Com, long gone former […]

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[New Rules] Stay or Quit: Which One is the Greatest Job Risk to You?

Quitting a promising job is tough, and it’s made even tougher in a choppy economy. The fact of the matter though is that sometimes the greater risk to you is to stay at a job rather than quit and hope you find something else. Though the stink of Enron has mostly faded, former employees of […]

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