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[The Barclays iShares and Genentech Acquisitions] Deals Are Done – Now Comes the Fun

CVC Capital and Roche both face similar employee acquisition issues if you distill it down and put it in simple terms: who is a keeper, and we want them to stay, and who is not a keeper, and we don’t care – or perhaps we prefer – if they go. And note there are likely several middle grounds, including employees the new owners would like to stay awhile, but perhaps not forever.

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[Through the Glass Door] Does Art Levinson Stay at Genentech?

Folks like Art – as well as many if not most of the Genentech exec team – have lots of options. Everyone loves a winner, and loves a winner with a string of success even more. And the with a retention plan in place that only keeps folks until the summer, my bet is that a la Chiron a number of folks leave once the plan’s handcuffs are off.

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[Through the Glass Door] The Genentech Acquisition: An Open Letter to Basel

As the new owners you might want to think about how you’re going to keep some of the current great talent, or even attract new talent when some of the newly minted Genentech millionaire employees decide to do the unusual and really retire. It’s not easy – the people who settled in North America in the old days were adventurers and today’s inhabitants still are. I meet these entrepreneurial souls all the time, and a few of them are even from Switzerland, where they say (sorry for the candor) that the phrase “Swiss creativity” is an oxymoron.

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