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One (More) Headhunter “Secret”: “See Me”

An Ifugao warrior with some of his trophies; I...

There are “secrets” in the executive search trade that anyone who hopes to be headhunted (or hire a headhunter to fill an opening) should know. A set of 10 tips are here; another 7 more are here. Here’s an 18th tip: what you do in the search process can stick with you for a lifetime. While the […]

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Yahoo CEO’s Resume Blame Game: Is It the Headhunter’s Fault?

Yahoo 10-K

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson – he of the phantom computer science degree that found its way on his official resume filed with the SEC – was either fired or resigned. The question remains; whose fault was it that the resume mistake wasn’t caught earlier? The now-departed Thompson said that exec search firm Heidrick & Struggles was […]

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Are You Putting Foxes in Your Chicken Coop?

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Recusal – one of my favorite 50¢ words – is the act of a judge (or anyone else) removing themselves from a process as a participant because of a conflict of interest. While there’s no bright line, there is still a line; step over it and you’re conflicted, stay on the “right” side and you’re […]

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WHEN Can You Trust the Recruiter?

My fellow Willamette U alum and search executive Ron Jordan, founder and principal of Carter-White & Shaw, gave me some well intentioned / well received grief ( “By the way, I am a head hunter, but unlike the ones you have berated, you should talk to us , personally before you make judgments, that are […]

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What Should You Know BEFORE the Headhunter Calls?

It’s tough to play well without knowing the rules. The employment game is no different: jobs may not always go to the best, but rather the best who know how to play the game. For those people who are in roles where positions are usually filled by companies using search firms, knowing how “executive search” works, particularly knowing what to do and what to avoid, can propel you throughout your career.

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