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[Land O’Spin] How to Find Great Talent: Susan Boyle and Other Discoveries

The key to assessing talent is to suspend judgement and belief, and closely observe what people do – not what they say they’re going to do, what they said they did, or the packaging or wrapper on how they present what they do / did / or will do. It is a hard thing to do for some at first, but surprisingly easy as you practice it. When you get to the point where – like a sing-a-long ball on a sing-a-long musical, you can strip away all the façade and assess talent for what it really is.

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[New Rules] Field of Dreams – Honoring #42

In case you missed it, yesterday – April 15th – the US major league baseball teams honored Jackie Robinson , who in 1947 on that date became the first player of color to play in US major league baseball. All players yesterday wore the same number – Robinson’s #42 – as a way of honoring […]

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[New Rules] 5 Landmines to Sidestep When Changing Jobs

Landmine Explosion during UNMIN Training

Changing jobs in today’s economy is tough enough without adding complexity. But something as seemingly straight forward and simple as moving from one organization to another for a job change can get sketchy if you manage to make some highly avoidable mistakes.

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[Land O’Spin] What’s YOUR Test Score?

Employment testing is great if it predicts performance in a role. If it doesn’t then test results are suggestive at best, and like firearms, not something that should be in the hands of kids or amateurs. And while, as my former boss Magnus Lundberg might observe, testing diagnoses what’s in somebody’s head, it misses what is in somebody’s heart. And since success is frequently a matter of both head and heart, it misses a good chunk of the story.

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[New Rules] Seven Job Tips from the Last Four Recessions

Having had the fortune to live and work through four recessions , the dynamics of the employment market and how most companies approach these sorts of times have gotten in better focus than when I first graduated – and encountered my first working-person recession in 1974.

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[Land O’Spin] Paging Jane Higa

We all get asked to make assessments– a more polite word for judgments – and frankly most of us aren’t very good at it. Typically the descriptive words we use are vague at best, can get easily lost in translation from one person to another, and have their basis in some assumed sense of common underpinning qualities. For day-to-day life it works mostly – until it doesn’t – and the bump can be large and noticeable (e.g. “banking credit problem”).

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