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[How to Build a Company] What’s Stealth Got to Do With It?

Stealth mode is mounting a comeback. It disappeared for awhile in the aftermath of the dot com crash but there are signs of its return, even with a swagger in things like Craigslist job advertisements (“We’re a hot new start-up, still in stealth mode, operating quietly . . .” and hubris too (“We always get a […]

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[New Rules] Just What Does Genentech’s Sue Desmond-Hellmann’s Move to Become the Chancellor of UC San Francisco Mean for You?

The news that Genentech’s President of Product Development Sue Desmond-Hellmann has been named at the Chancellor for the University of California’s San Francisco campus should hearten any number of people. For Genentech acquirer Roche it should send a quick shiver – if they noticed the move – down their talent spines. Why is this important […]

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[Life Back West] December 2008 – “Three Square”

My dad, who passed away at age 96, referred to life in his later years as “Mike raising father.” From the land of what goes around comes around, my son Traylor seems to be inspiring the same type of learnings for this pop. After lunchroom / playground duty with fellow volunteer parents Erica and Billy […]

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