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[Ways to Say Thanks] “Great Articles”

There are a number of benefits from working with individuals as an executive coach, and working with start-up and leadership teams as a team coach. Some of them are financial, and some of them are pride in accomplishment.  Some of the benefits are the unexpected thank you’s that make you smile from the inside. Here’s […]

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[Dept. of Bad Advice] How You Can Interview Well. . .

Cover of "Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas S...

. . . and Disregard Dan and Chip Heath’s How-to-Interview Recommendations I think Made to Stick by Dan and Chip Heath is a really good book. Most of the Heath brother’s content is great, both in their book, as well as in their monthly column for Fast Company. But even Babe Ruth stuck out, and […]

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[Tips for Job Candidates] The Kindergarten Open House

Analogues from which job candidates can learn exist almost everywhere. While sometimes the lessons don’t fully translate, you can glean tremendous insight from some situations that you can use when you’re in the hunt for a new job. Last night’s open house for parents sponsored by my son’s grade school was one such situation. In […]

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7 (More) Secrets Headhunters Usually Don’t Tell You

Top Secret!

Like thousands of others, you probably have already read “Ten Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You” ( here ) which covered the in and outs of working with headhunters. (Readers can go also through the full basics of job-hunting by reading the “Choose Me, Hire Me” series which starts here .) But while headhunters can be helpful […]

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[How to Fire Someone] 5 Ways You Can “Hire Wrong”

Like the obese man who can’t understand how he’s gaining weight as he grabs a diet Coke to go with his triple Big Mac and large fries, one of the easiest ways to fire someone – like dieting incorrectly – is to hire wrong: right person hired into the wrong culture, wrong role, wrong supervisor, […]

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What Should You Know BEFORE the Headhunter Calls?

It’s tough to play well without knowing the rules. The employment game is no different: jobs may not always go to the best, but rather the best who know how to play the game. For those people who are in roles where positions are usually filled by companies using search firms, knowing how “executive search” works, particularly knowing what to do and what to avoid, can propel you throughout your career.

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[Land O’Spin] If You Only Had ONE Job Interview Question to Ask?

While interviews can seem hard on job candidates, they may actually be harder on hiring mangers. Apart from recruiters, most people – unless they’re an ineffective “interview and burn through people manager” – don’t interview enough to make interviewing second nature. As a result, instead of focusing on the candidate, hiring managers can get lost […]

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[Land O’Spin] How to Find Great Talent: Susan Boyle and Other Discoveries

The key to assessing talent is to suspend judgement and belief, and closely observe what people do – not what they say they’re going to do, what they said they did, or the packaging or wrapper on how they present what they do / did / or will do. It is a hard thing to do for some at first, but surprisingly easy as you practice it. When you get to the point where – like a sing-a-long ball on a sing-a-long musical, you can strip away all the façade and assess talent for what it really is.

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