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“Making New Friends (The Interview)” – Part 4 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”


It may sound corny but interviews are best reframed as making friends. While not every interviewer is friendly, if you make the effort to connect you may be favorably surprised. If you’ve done the things you should have done – shown up on time, thoroughly field tested yourself through informational interviews, and done your research on the prospective employer – you’ll perform in the interviews markedly better and can relax a little and learn about the people with whom you’re meeting.

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Choose Me, Hire Me! – Part 1: Show Up

Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s line “Eighty percent of success is showing up” says it all. I’ve lost count of candidates who failed to show for interviews, missed phone calls, or didn’t send in follow-up materials. The excuses – if there are any – all are good and ultimately lame, and they’ve come from senior exec to factory worker job candidates.

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