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The Perfect First “Real” Job?

Skills Like This

Is there a perfect first “real” job? Probably not. But there are some real stinkers to avoid if you have the choice. And I’m not talking about summer jobs, volunteer work, and or that paid – or unpaid internship – that might be out there. All of them, IMHO, are important. But for serious importance […]

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The Job Hunt: Offer in the Hand Better than the Offer in the Bush?

A Bird in the Hand

After a few months of patient networking as I’d coached him had not produced the new job my client sought, frantic had begun to set in. He could see that his current job was one or two more bad quarters away from a likely company shut down. While he might have some time, he didn’t […]

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What’s Your Handle?

A picture of a door handle.

People pursuing career transition or simply a new job search need crisp, succinct ways of communicating what they’re looking for, and the skills, experiences and background that serve as their foundation. I call it a “handle.” Something that gives somebody something to grab on to, or something that gives some stickiness – think of two […]

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