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Will the Closing Door Hit You in the Butt as You Leave?

Office doorIt happens.

  It happens. That stint with your employer starts to look like toast. The accomplishments of five or ten months or five or ten years ago are yesterday’s news; “what have you done lately” if the mantra that’s sung from the corner office. The boss – likely the new boss rather than the old boss, […]

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[Keith Rabois] Where Was the Trusted Advisor – and Why You Need One

Image representing Keith Rabois as depicted in...

There’s a long of executives –  public officials too – who have seen their careers impacted, altered or ended by relationship scandals or questionable relationship judgement. From Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd to any number of others, execs have been alleged – sometimes apparently accurately – because their judgement regarding who they chose to have private, intimate, physical […]

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Should You Take the Interim Role? The Other Shoe Drops

English: Diagram showing the parts of a shoe.

Interim roles frequently have hair on them. They are imperfect jobs where you toil in a state of “pretend”  for those who hope temporary will become the “real” job. Last week’s post Career Quandry: Should You Take the “Interim” Job surveyed the landscape of people taking interim roles when their boss vacates his/her role. Inspiration for […]

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