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[Keith Rabois] Where Was the Trusted Advisor – and Why You Need One

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There’s a long of executives –  public officials too – who have seen their careers impacted, altered or ended by relationship scandals or questionable relationship judgement. From Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd to any number of others, execs have been alleged – sometimes apparently accurately – because their judgement regarding who they chose to have private, intimate, physical […]

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Tips for CEOs: Why Do You Need a Great #2 (Like Sheryl Sandberg)?

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If you hang out in the world of tech startups, the buzz is constant about finding the “right” co-founder or running mate to steer your business. Quora, as just one place, spills over the a host of questions angled in that direction. (And see Jason Freedman’s good piece –Please, please, please stop asking how to […]

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