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[Early Spring 2015] The Envelope, Please

It’s a time of year when even the most distant observer notes that winners are separated from something referred to as losers. Who you are can be confused with what you’ve won (lately). College bowl games, Super Bowl, Golden Globe, Writers Guild of America, Grammys, Oscars – all proclaiming who is/was hot, and maybe by inference, who […]

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How-to-Escape from the Land of Shoulda Woulda Coulda

Is the glass half empty or half full? The pess...

It’s the rare person who doesn’t want things to be better: better job, better career, better income, better everything. And if only things were better then that person – maybe you, maybe me – would finally have the life that they deserve. Life, it seems, seldom works that way. The reality is that you are […]

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A Story About You: Luck of the Draw?

7 playing cards

This might seem like a story about Steve Jobs. It’s not; it’s a story about you. Turns out that we get the hand we’re dealt in life. Events happen; it’s what you do with them that counts. The Twitter tweet was was factual save the for last line. “Steve jobs was given up at birth; […]

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How to Brag (Without Bragging): Blame it on Luck!

Lucky Charms: Magically Destructive

It’s a common challenge;  how do you talk about what you’ve done if you’ve done well without sounding like the jerk down the hall who everyone calls a cleetus maggot? In a world where Cheat Your Way to the Top seems to be a common workplace theme song, being accurate and correctly portraying yourself and your […]

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