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[Life Back West] April 2013 – Boat Rockers Wanted: Are You One of Them?

Branch Rickey in 1914

There are boats to rock, and boat rockers needed to rock them. Are you one of them? Avoiding questioning existing conditions in a dynamic, changing world is a recipe for mediocrity if not disaster, but who has the moxy to ask the obvious? Pay, fame or thanks, if any, varies, and while you’ll be respected by […]

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Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role

Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadersh...

42 was my jersey number when I played college basketball, and the great Jackie Robinson wore #42 – now permanently retired as a tribute by Major League Baseball – in winning the hearts and admiration of Americans while breaking the racial segregation barrier integrating baseball in 1947. Today I have another reason to like number 42. […]

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Shame? When the Business Icon Stumbles

Dodgers Uniform Script

It may have missed your radar, but two North American business icons waved the financial white flag in the last three weeks. Harry & David filed for bankruptcy, and the storied Los Angeles Dodgers baseball franchise was taken over by Major League baseball. The organizations are deeply in debt, and the path forward is tricky […]

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Talent Wars: The “A” Player Hoax

The cover of The Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. ...

We love easy solutions: take a pill and lose weight; go to the right schools and become a zillionaire; hire the right “A” player new talent while clearing out the “C” deadwood and make your business a great success. But life (mostly) is not that way. As Ronald Reagan said, “It’s simple, but not simplistic.” […]

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