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8 Dreaded Words? “I’ll follow-up and get back to you”

Gosh It's... Bad Manners

It has become the dreaded phrase you don’t want to hear; “I’ll follow-up and get back to you” Why? Because when you hear that phrase you know that 90% of the people you deal with won’t get back to you. I’ve stopped chuckling when I get the email from someone with whom I’m scheduled to meet […]

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[Paging Jason Nazar] Give More – And Expect More

Kindergarten application season ends today for independent (read: private) schools in San Francisco, with invite or waitlist letters hitting applicants mailboxes as you read this. It’s a sellers market with high demand and low supply so things get more than just a little crazy. Not unlike March Madness, there will be plenty of tears of […]

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