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If You Only Had ONE Job Interview Question to Ask? – Revisited

Cover of "Mindset: The New Psychology of ...

The question “If You Had Only ONE Job Interview Question to Ask” was posed this past May. The suggestion merits revisiting based on an aside Carol Dweck made this past week when I caught her presentation at my son’s grade school, Marin Country Day School. Dweck’s research – which has more depth and vigor than […]

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[Life Back West] September 2009 – “Back to School”

There are random events, and there are events that are chock full of patterns: the trick is knowing one set of events from the other, and in figuring out what, if anything, any patterns mean. Something as simple as a run chart stuck up on your bulletin board wall helps you plot experience, whether it be […]

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[Life Back West] June 2009 – Step Up Day

Transition markers for the big things in life abound: diplomas from schools, birth certificates of children, employee of the year plaques and deal tombstones . All of them shout out “big step” congratulations. But what marks the in-betweens – the minor and important accomplishments that put you in a position for those bigger deeds and […]

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[Life Back West] December 2008 – “Three Square”

My dad, who passed away at age 96, referred to life in his later years as “Mike raising father.” From the land of what goes around comes around, my son Traylor seems to be inspiring the same type of learnings for this pop. After lunchroom / playground duty with fellow volunteer parents Erica and Billy […]

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