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[New Rules] 5 Landmines to Sidestep When Changing Jobs

Landmine Explosion during UNMIN Training

Changing jobs in today’s economy is tough enough without adding complexity. But something as seemingly straight forward and simple as moving from one organization to another for a job change can get sketchy if you manage to make some highly avoidable mistakes.

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[Life Back West] March 2009 – The Value of Experience

A little experience goes a ways, and a lot of experience goes even further. It may not mean you know the answers to the future, but it provides a data set that is significantly greater than those who are newly initiated. I remember Todd Wanerman from the preschool our son Traylor attended (and on whose board […]

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[Land O’Spin] Addition by Subtraction

What I do know however is while it’s not unusual to have some churn at any firm, significant executive turnover in a business that had been formerly achieving strong results is in my experience a flag that the problems are likely above – managers senior to somebody like an exec like Terry Watson – that the this churn is likely to continue until that area gets sorted out.

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[New Rules] Seven Job Tips from the Last Four Recessions

Having had the fortune to live and work through four recessions , the dynamics of the employment market and how most companies approach these sorts of times have gotten in better focus than when I first graduated – and encountered my first working-person recession in 1974.

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“Making New Friends (The Interview)” – Part 4 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”


It may sound corny but interviews are best reframed as making friends. While not every interviewer is friendly, if you make the effort to connect you may be favorably surprised. If you’ve done the things you should have done – shown up on time, thoroughly field tested yourself through informational interviews, and done your research on the prospective employer – you’ll perform in the interviews markedly better and can relax a little and learn about the people with whom you’re meeting.

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Choose Me, Hire Me! – Part 1: Show Up

Woody Allen

Woody Allen’s line “Eighty percent of success is showing up” says it all. I’ve lost count of candidates who failed to show for interviews, missed phone calls, or didn’t send in follow-up materials. The excuses – if there are any – all are good and ultimately lame, and they’ve come from senior exec to factory worker job candidates.

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