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HP’s CEO Meg Whitman: Next Blame Santa?

English: Santa Claus with a little girl Espera...

If the choice is to take a fall for something you didn’t do, or credit your predecessor who did the deed, even my advice would be to do the latter. There is no glory in taking a hit you don’t deserve. Anyone in a senior role, as I noted to a client this week, will […]

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Career Smarts: How Do You Know When Your Run is Done?

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There are jobs that last a lifetime, and jobs that are over before they really start. In between is the job that has a predictable arc with a start and a finish; you just need to know when it’s time to move on. And in the C suite, where fortunes might be made, and juggling […]

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Promotion? “You’re Not One of Us”

Nationalism and native land

It’s a story that’s still too common; star performer is passed over for the plumb job because they “just don’t quite fit in.” The reason? “They aren’t one of us. They just don’t understand (fill in the blank) our culture / the way we do things / our heritage.” Generally the performer leaves, takes another […]

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Your Career: When the “Sure Thing” Isn’t

Sunrise First Light, Last Lights

Sometimes the job you’ve been promised won’t be there; sometimes the job you think you’ve lost may return. So how do you know if it’s a sure thing? You won’t. Learn why the “sure thing” today is likely the maybe thing tomorrow, and what you can do to make yourself better prepared when that sure-thing-to-make-or-nothing […]

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You Are Your Message: How to Speak / Present Well in Public

Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase “the medium is the message” and advanced a number of prophetic ideas – all from the vantage of the 1960’s. McLuhan’s thoughts apply to you – including predicting the over extension of technology, and the intensification of the world community to its present expression as a “global village.” McLuhan’s quip regarding […]

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Should I Use My CEO Title Behind My Name?. . and other Questions

Business titles are interesting things. The right title in the right situation can be extraordinarily helpful: the wrong title in the wrong setting makes uphill sledding suddenly look easy. What is frequently complicating is that what a title means can be interpreted broadly, and how it impacts you can do the same. I have worked […]

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