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When Job Opportunities Knock: Do You Take the Unexpected?

“When a great adventure is offered, you don’t refuse it,” trailblazing aviator Amelia Earhart suggested. The same can be said about that unexpected job opportunity that surfaces; the one that you didn’t foresee, is off the planned career arc and yet you find intriguing. Take it or punt? Kick the heart-racing-intrigue down the road until you’re “ready” or take […]

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Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role

Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadersh...

42 was my jersey number when I played college basketball, and the great Jackie Robinson wore #42 – now permanently retired as a tribute by Major League Baseball – in winning the hearts and admiration of Americans while breaking the racial segregation barrier integrating baseball in 1947. Today I have another reason to like number 42. […]

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