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[Life Back West] April 2014 – Riding Up Front?


When you’re a kid in a car culture like the USA, a major life milestone is the time when you get to ride up front. It’s not exactly adulthood, but looks like the same neighborhood; out of the back seat, associated with kiddie car seats and “baby” status, and into a view from the front like […]

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[Tone from the Top, cont.] Binders Full of Women

Binders full of .......(women)??

While the Twittersphere exploded with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women”  it shouldn’t have been any surprise. Guess what? Romney has lot of company. Many, many organizations lack decent diversity at the leadership level of one sort or another, whether it be racial/ethnic diversity or male/female diversity. What’s “decent” diversity? Enough of something […]

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[Managing Your Career] Mitt Romney Fires Big Bird

Optics – whatever they might be – count. A lot. Just ask Big Bird. Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney announced that he’d stop funding PBS – effectively sacking Big Bird and the Sesame Street crew that generations of kids and their parents have grown to love – as one of the first steps to lower the […]

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[Life Back West] August 2012 – “One Degree of Bacon”

Even in the big planet we call earth, life exists like it’s one small town. My friend Wendy Yanowitch’s saying that “Life is made up of six people and lots of mirrors” plays out in my world weekly, and I suspects plays out in yours as well if you start watching the connections. If this […]

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Executive Leadership: Do Mormons Have the Secret Sauce?

The Book of Mormon. Another Testament of Jesus...

Unless you’ve been under a rock recently, you know that the topic of Mormonism is hot, and the subject of Mormonism and leadership may be even hotter. What’s up? There are things that have put the religion in public view such as the Tony award winning hit musical The Book of Mormon and the series finale […]

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