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[Life Back West] April 2014 – Riding Up Front?


When you’re a kid in a car culture like the USA, a major life milestone is the time when you get to ride up front. It’s not exactly adulthood, but looks like the same neighborhood; out of the back seat, associated with kiddie car seats and “baby” status, and into a view from the front like […]

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[Life Back West] August 2012 – “One Degree of Bacon”

Even in the big planet we call earth, life exists like it’s one small town. My friend Wendy Yanowitch’s saying that “Life is made up of six people and lots of mirrors” plays out in my world weekly, and I suspects plays out in yours as well if you start watching the connections. If this […]

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The Startup Called “You”

Entering Startup

The myth is that startups mostly exist in places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Austin, Portland and Boulder, Boston or New York City. That part is no myth; startups up do exist in those places. But there is another startup in the town where you live. In fact, it’s even got your name on […]

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Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.

IBM founder and CEO Thomas Watson had a sign in his office – and more signs plastered throughout the firm. Aretha Franklin sang about it in the movies. Buddha noted “What we think we become.” So why don’t we think more? The thought came to mind as I trekked back from a week-long stay at San Francisco’s […]

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Are the “Best Places to Work” Really the Best Places to Work?

USGS Satellite photo of the San Francisco Bay ...

The San Francisco Business Times announced its Best Places to Work in the Bay Area for 2011. This year’s ranking brought nominations from 301 companies representing employees in 12 counties around the greater Bay Area. The eighth annual Best Places to Work awards recognized the top employers in five categories based on company size. Are the “Best […]

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Choose You!

Finger pointing

Four data points hit my brain this week. All intersected at the same point. Choose you! Point 1: Seth Godin started the theme with a blog post titled Reject the tyranny of being picked; pick yourself. His point? Don’t succumb to the fantasy that gatekeepers (his word) like book publishers, record producers, and HR recruiters […]

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