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[The Job Interview] The Trouble with Men

I’m a guy, my son’s a guy, and I inherently like guys (and women too): so take this post not as a bash at males, but rather one of those 80% rules (e.g. applies 80% of the time, misses and is off the remainder 20% of the time) that hopefully informs what you do with […]

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[Tips for Entrepreneurs] The Secret(s) to Your Start-Up

Things are bubbling in the technology start-up world: not 1998 frothy, but clearly bubbling nonetheless. And even while there is sobering reality – for example Tom Abate’s piece yesterday in the San Francisco Chronicle Why Silicon Valley Faces Fresh Threats – there are telltale signals that things may be changing. Signs of a cautious optimism […]

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[Choose Me, Hire Me!] Networking for CEO’s?

What struck me in the article is the dread Mr. Sam approached networking, even with people with whom he had worked. As I’ve posted before in the nine-part series “Choose Me, Hire Me!” on this blog, developing AND maintaining an active network, apart from doing great work in your job, is likely the most important thing you can do to sustain your career.

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