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[Life Back West] September 2011 – Guess What Predicts Your Success?

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Character counts – at least that’s what most of us are told as kids. But does it really? What if – as the headline of this week’s New York Times Magazine blared – The Secret to Success is Failure, and not your GPA or even the schools you attended but rather your CPA – character […]

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Why You (Too) Need a Plan B

Reid Hoffman

It would be great if everything we tried in our careers worked out the way we planned. Sometimes it happens. And sometimes it doesn’t. In both cases, you – and me too – need a Plan B. I know; I’m at one of those inflexion points in my practice where either things change over the […]

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The Boss is Queer; Does it Matter?

Queer (novel)

Public business figures disclosing their sexual orientation is big news this week. Should it be? Rick Welts, CEO and President of the Phoenix Suns, a men’s professional team in the top tier of the elite National Basketball Association announced he is gay in an article – A Sports Exec Dares to Leave the Safety of […]

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RIP Walter Breuning: Smarts & Wisdom – and Why You Need Both

Picture of Walter Breuning, taken on April 8, 2010

“The young man knows the rules but the old man knows the exceptions” suggested Oliver Wendell Holmes. Holmes, one of the 20th century’s most influential public figures, was on to something. While youth (and fresh eyes) serve well with certain types of situations – think Emperor’s New Clothes, quant analysis, or the brilliance behind the Apple’s […]

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Career Track: When is a Good Loss Better than Ho-Hum Success?

Oregon Ducks mascot at Cal.

Duke University men’s basketball coach Mike Krzyewski (pronounced /ʃəˈʃɛvski/shə-SHEV-ski) once noted after his Blue Devils got beat, “We lost, and that’s the main thing that went wrong.” Hopefully you take have a little more introspection than the storied (and highly successful) Coach K. The fact of the matter is that losses – bumps in your […]

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