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Naismith’s Pride: Teamwork Spells Success

First basketball team at the University of Kan...

Basketball, more than any other sport, is the ultimate team experience: nothing else comes close in the way five players must play well together and the lessons for business are endless. Unlike tennis or golf, where the presence of teaming usually invokes an antigen -like response basketball requires that all five players work well together. An unlike soccer or North American football, where a weak player or two can carried (and hidden), players who don’t perform in basketball are as obvious as the naked streaker at a formal wedding.

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[Through the Glass Door] Does Art Levinson Stay at Genentech?

Folks like Art – as well as many if not most of the Genentech exec team – have lots of options. Everyone loves a winner, and loves a winner with a string of success even more. And the with a retention plan in place that only keeps folks until the summer, my bet is that a la Chiron a number of folks leave once the plan’s handcuffs are off.

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[Land O’Spin] Addition by Subtraction

What I do know however is while it’s not unusual to have some churn at any firm, significant executive turnover in a business that had been formerly achieving strong results is in my experience a flag that the problems are likely above – managers senior to somebody like an exec like Terry Watson – that the this churn is likely to continue until that area gets sorted out.

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10 Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You – Part 7 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”

Top Secret!

Even in a down market, jobs are can be hard for employers to fill for a variety of reasons and some form of search agency is utilized: hard technical requirements, over choosiness on the part of the employer, requisite discretion when replacing an unknowing incumbent, or the job is of such a nature or level where candidates are unlikely to come forward themselves and need to be surfaced directly.

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[Life Back West] December 2008 – “Three Square”

My dad, who passed away at age 96, referred to life in his later years as “Mike raising father.” From the land of what goes around comes around, my son Traylor seems to be inspiring the same type of learnings for this pop. After lunchroom / playground duty with fellow volunteer parents Erica and Billy […]

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[Life Back West] November 2008 – “Rocket Science”

Yale professor and statistician Ed Tufte has crisply detailed the unfortunate trail of missed information that led to the death of astronauts and the failure of the Challenger spacecraft mission. In brief the issue was not that NASA lacked the relevant information to make a correct decision: they had the information – they just didn’t […]

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