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The Talent Secret: The 4H Club

Emblem of the 4H organization.

Tech valuations are popping (frothy is the well-used word) in the San Francisco Bay area. And the requirement to have high performing talent to quickly scale and produce a winning product may drive it all. The scalp price for hiring or retaining top engineers was recently tabbed at $500,000 and the talent acquisition strategies of […]

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25+ Tricks of the Trade to Greater Effectiveness and Efficiency

Communication Modalities

I’ll be working with the staff of my favorite preschool (also the school my son attended, and on whose Board of Trustees I sat for four years), the Little School in San Francisco this evening as part of their ongoing staff development program. While my work is mostly helping senior execs and start-up and leadership […]

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Tips for CEOs & Company Founders: How to Build Your “A” Team

Recreaction of intertitle from The A-Team base...

There are a number of formulas for success for building “can’t miss” start-up and founding teams. Here’s one that actually works. A disclaimer first; depending on your business you’ll need to have reasonable domain expertise. If you’re in the internet networking space, you need to have people on your founding team that have the technical […]

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