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Are You Interviewing the Candidate or Just Checking Their Pulse?


The interviewer with a candidate at the Starbucks in Hong Kong Central seemed nice, bright and engaging. She was, unfortunately, conducting a train wreck of an interview in front of me; when she asked early on, “You’re not a micromanager, are you?” I thought she was a goner. When the candidate smiled, said “Of course […]

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The Hiring Game: One More Secret

James Bond 007 (role-playing game)

Turns out just when I thought I knew many of the tricks of the trade in the world of executive search consultants (also known as headhunters), one more tip crossed my radar. While meeting this week about a very interesting corporate global role with a San Francisco firm (more on the opportunity in an upcoming […]

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Should You Hire Your Own Boss and Other Mistakes

Steve Jobs and John Sculley

Like dipping into the summer water of Northern California (Wow! Pretty cold!) if you’re teaching someone to swim in the San Francisco Bay, I spend time for the executive and career coaching part of my work with recruiters, executive search consultants, and sometimes applying for jobs. How else to know how the job market works […]

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[Career Coaching Tips] Your Job: Leave or Stay?

Signs of a slow recovery abound which should mean that some form of job uptick will occur. While it’s pretty clear that a rising economic tide will not lift all ships – some jobs, for example, are likely lost forever – the 18-month logjam in the job market appears to be breaking up. The question […]

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What Should You Know BEFORE the Headhunter Calls?

It’s tough to play well without knowing the rules. The employment game is no different: jobs may not always go to the best, but rather the best who know how to play the game. For those people who are in roles where positions are usually filled by companies using search firms, knowing how “executive search” works, particularly knowing what to do and what to avoid, can propel you throughout your career.

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[New Rules] Field of Dreams – Honoring #42

In case you missed it, yesterday – April 15th – the US major league baseball teams honored Jackie Robinson , who in 1947 on that date became the first player of color to play in US major league baseball. All players yesterday wore the same number – Robinson’s #42 – as a way of honoring […]

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[New Rules] 5 Landmines to Sidestep When Changing Jobs

Landmine Explosion during UNMIN Training

Changing jobs in today’s economy is tough enough without adding complexity. But something as seemingly straight forward and simple as moving from one organization to another for a job change can get sketchy if you manage to make some highly avoidable mistakes.

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10 Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You – Part 7 of the series “Choose Me, Hire Me!”

Top Secret!

Even in a down market, jobs are can be hard for employers to fill for a variety of reasons and some form of search agency is utilized: hard technical requirements, over choosiness on the part of the employer, requisite discretion when replacing an unknowing incumbent, or the job is of such a nature or level where candidates are unlikely to come forward themselves and need to be surfaced directly.

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