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When Do You Fire Someone for a Resume Error?

Liar Liar

This month’s Yahoo kerfluffle – a company that desperately needs this type of stuff least – involves the misstated resume of new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson. You’ll recall that Thompson replaced Carol Bartz several months ago. Bartz was fired via a phone call from Yahoo’s chairman. Candor and accuracy was and is never an issue […]

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7 (More) Secrets Headhunters Usually Don’t Tell You

Top Secret!

Like thousands of others, you probably have already read “Ten Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You” ( here ) which covered the in and outs of working with headhunters. (Readers can go also through the full basics of job-hunting by reading the “Choose Me, Hire Me” series which starts here .) But while headhunters can be helpful […]

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