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Rodin's The Thinker at the Musée Rodin.

IBM founder and CEO Thomas Watson had a sign in his office – and more signs plastered throughout the firm. Aretha Franklin sang about it in the movies. Buddha noted “What we think we become.” So why don’t we think more? The thought came to mind as I trekked back from a week-long stay at San Francisco’s […]

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Why You (Too) Need a Plan B

Reid Hoffman

It would be great if everything we tried in our careers worked out the way we planned. Sometimes it happens. And sometimes it doesn’t. In both cases, you – and me too – need a Plan B. I know; I’m at one of those inflexion points in my practice where either things change over the […]

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One Simple Key to Success? Show Up – Here’s How

Woody Allen in concert in New York City.

There are the hard things to do to be successful in careers and business, and then there are the easy ones that get you along the way as well. This post is about on the easy ones. But first an intro story. My week last week was probably like yours; lost of stuff to do, […]

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No Open Toe Shoes: Focus on What’s Most Important

Women's sandals.

Distraction is the enemy of focus and accomplishment. The important task you set out to nail gets buried under the five to ten minor issues that snaked up during the day and grabbed your time and attention. As Rodan of Alexandria noted, “It’s not the mountain ahead of you that wears you out; it’s the […]

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Choose You!

Finger pointing

Four data points hit my brain this week. All intersected at the same point. Choose you! Point 1: Seth Godin started the theme with a blog post titled Reject the tyranny of being picked; pick yourself. His point? Don’t succumb to the fantasy that gatekeepers (his word) like book publishers, record producers, and HR recruiters […]

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Cheap Shots: Easy Ways to Make a Bad Impression

Coneheads (film)

There are lots of ways to make a good first impression. Here are some ways – all which happened recently – to make make a bad first, second, and continuing impression. If you’re doing a phone interview, use a clear phone line, preferably one of those old fashioned landlines. Unless you’re someplace without lots of […]

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Hired Your Agent Yet? – [Your Career]

Cover of "Jerry Maguire"

Two data points but heck, that’s how suspicion about global warning started; unless you’re Oklahoma Senator Jim Imhofe, we all know what that data ended up demonstrating. What might these two data points be, and what do they mean for you? Last week Martin Burns (@RecruiterMoe) one of my Twitter friends was tweeting the joys and […]

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25+ Tricks of the Trade to Greater Effectiveness and Efficiency

Communication Modalities

I’ll be working with the staff of my favorite preschool (also the school my son attended, and on whose Board of Trustees I sat for four years), the Little School in San Francisco this evening as part of their ongoing staff development program. While my work is mostly helping senior execs and start-up and leadership […]

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Barclays Exec Bonuses: When the Sh*t Hits the Fan


It’s not often that I get tracked down by a reporter; today was an exception. The UK press is in an uproar over the news that the top five managers at Barclays were paid £110m in bonuses (about US$178M). One enterprising reporter, Tom Leonard from the UK Daily Mail, tracked me down, knowing that I had […]

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