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Who Really Cares if the Boss is Gay?

Gossip (Vanessa Amorosi song)

The impetus might have been the convergence of former BP CEO John Browne’s new book on his life as a closeted exec with the 45th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. Or maybe it was simply bad form, like mentioning someone’s cancer prognosis or divorce when the news isn’t public. While it wasn’t news to some in Silicon […]

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Dare to Be the Nail that Gets Hammered?

k-spsh-nl) adjective

Ex·cep·tion·al (k-spsh-nl) adjective 1. Being an exception; uncommon.   The Japanese have a proverb: “The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.“ That saying applies in most parts of the United States as well. “Be different” and suffer the consequences. Unless you’ve got sufficient leverage through power, position, or extraordinary credibility, when someone proposes something different – risk taking or […]

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Do Software Engineers Rule the World?

shutterstock_127976582A guy I met at a client firm's baseball outing had a singular statement:

    A guy I met at a client firm’s baseball outing had a singular statement: “Silicon Valley software engineers rule the world!“ Do they? His take was based on some simple facts: the world is run on software, the best of the best software engineers are in Silicon Valley, firms can never find enough good […]

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[Keith Rabois] Where Was the Trusted Advisor – and Why You Need One

Image representing Keith Rabois as depicted in...

There’s a long of executives –  public officials too – who have seen their careers impacted, altered or ended by relationship scandals or questionable relationship judgement. From Larry Ellison and Mark Hurd to any number of others, execs have been alleged – sometimes apparently accurately – because their judgement regarding who they chose to have private, intimate, physical […]

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The Startup Called “You”

Entering Startup

The myth is that startups mostly exist in places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Austin, Portland and Boulder, Boston or New York City. That part is no myth; startups up do exist in those places. But there is another startup in the town where you live. In fact, it’s even got your name on […]

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One Simple Key to Success? Show Up – Here’s How

Woody Allen in concert in New York City.

There are the hard things to do to be successful in careers and business, and then there are the easy ones that get you along the way as well. This post is about on the easy ones. But first an intro story. My week last week was probably like yours; lost of stuff to do, […]

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Tips for Execs: A Drive By is Not a Check-In

Traylor and me

I’m having lunch and a close-out conversation with an exec coaching client in Silicon Valley today. She has made obtained great results with small changes; her boss thinks she’s doing great and frankly so do I. And she’s got a lesson or two that you can use. One of the things she’s done is slowed […]

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Cheap Shots: Easy Ways to Make a Bad Impression

Coneheads (film)

There are lots of ways to make a good first impression. Here are some ways – all which happened recently – to make make a bad first, second, and continuing impression. If you’re doing a phone interview, use a clear phone line, preferably one of those old fashioned landlines. Unless you’re someplace without lots of […]

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Cherry Trees Are Blooming: Anyone Notice?

cherry blossom special for those who need a re...

People want to be successful, which is usually a combination of being effective (doing the right thing) and efficient (doing things well), putting folks down a path to achieving favorable results. Sometimes – as counterintuitive as it seems – that means doing less, not more. Optimal performance (think weight training, writing a dissertation, running a […]

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