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Is Your Goose Cooked if a Headhunter’s Been Hired for Your Job?

Cover of "Cooked Goose"

You’ve been promoted to a job on an interim basis and perhaps promised a strong shot at that role on a permanent basis. Your company has just hired a search firm to handle the “permanent” placement. Are you at risk? Maybe. Or maybe not. That’s the situation that Yahoo interim CEO Ross Levinshohn finds himself […]

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Yahoo CEO’s Resume Blame Game: Is It the Headhunter’s Fault?

Yahoo 10-K

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson – he of the phantom computer science degree that found its way on his official resume filed with the SEC – was either fired or resigned. The question remains; whose fault was it that the resume mistake wasn’t caught earlier? The now-departed Thompson said that exec search firm Heidrick & Struggles was […]

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[The Hiring Hunt] What’s The One Sure Quality Employers Want?

A recent post for would-be Chief Financial Officers on this site gives a great overview of what sort of attributes financial types who aspire to be CFOs should have. But what about the rest of us non-CFO types? What’s the one sure thing employers want from employees and candidates? First a caveat – the “take […]

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[CFO Job Hunters Version] What Do Employers Really Want?

Advertisement from the Boston Directory, 1851

One mystery for more senior job hunters is the  question of “What do employers really want?” in terms of backgrounds, skill sets and experience. Thanks to one executive search person you can get one good answer – particularly if you’re looking fill a Chief Financial Officer role. Karen Quint of Spencer Stuart addressed the San […]

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WHEN Can You Trust the Recruiter?

My fellow Willamette U alum and search executive Ron Jordan, founder and principal of Carter-White & Shaw, gave me some well intentioned / well received grief ( “By the way, I am a head hunter, but unlike the ones you have berated, you should talk to us , personally before you make judgments, that are […]

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7 (More) Secrets Headhunters Usually Don’t Tell You

Top Secret!

Like thousands of others, you probably have already read “Ten Secrets Headhunters (Usually) Don’t Tell You” ( here ) which covered the in and outs of working with headhunters. (Readers can go also through the full basics of job-hunting by reading the “Choose Me, Hire Me” series which starts here .) But while headhunters can be helpful […]

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[New Rules] The Name Game: What Job Title Should You Ask For?

Job Titles

Mike Latham, who I know through my work at Barclays Global Investors, is a good guy and a good manager: He gets things done, is transparent in his dealings, is funny, works hard, knows the business, and is respected and liked by the people with whom he works. His job title – CEO of United […]

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What Should You Know BEFORE the Headhunter Calls?

It’s tough to play well without knowing the rules. The employment game is no different: jobs may not always go to the best, but rather the best who know how to play the game. For those people who are in roles where positions are usually filled by companies using search firms, knowing how “executive search” works, particularly knowing what to do and what to avoid, can propel you throughout your career.

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