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The Return of the Regular Gal and Guy?

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With ample help from the media, we are obsessed with the rockstar somethings – whether it be a CEO of a company, the new head at your kid’s school, or the coach of your favorite men’s National Basketball League team. Good is not good enough; great is the order of the day. And in the […]

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Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role

Pam Fox Rollin: 42 Rules for Your New Leadersh...

42 was my jersey number when I played college basketball, and the great Jackie Robinson wore #42 – now permanently retired as a tribute by Major League Baseball – in winning the hearts and admiration of Americans while breaking the racial segregation barrier integrating baseball in 1947. Today I have another reason to like number 42. […]

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Cherry Trees Are Blooming: Anyone Notice?

cherry blossom special for those who need a re...

People want to be successful, which is usually a combination of being effective (doing the right thing) and efficient (doing things well), putting folks down a path to achieving favorable results. Sometimes – as counterintuitive as it seems – that means doing less, not more. Optimal performance (think weight training, writing a dissertation, running a […]

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Talent Wars: The “A” Player Hoax

The cover of The Legion of Super-Heroes (vol. ...

We love easy solutions: take a pill and lose weight; go to the right schools and become a zillionaire; hire the right “A” player new talent while clearing out the “C” deadwood and make your business a great success. But life (mostly) is not that way. As Ronald Reagan said, “It’s simple, but not simplistic.” […]

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