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Is a Job Still A “Job”

Where communications abilities takes us a host of other trends and patterns follow. For better or worse it’s given us a world where you can be tethered to work by iPhone or computer, and share information via short text bursts and immediate access And as this week’s Wall Street Journal chronicles in “Why E-Mail No […]

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[Will Art Levinson Stay At Genentech?] The Answer is. . .

As I noted a couple of weeks ago (here ), folks like Art are unlikely to kick around after someone’s acquired their company. As someone who is respected and liked, and has a track record that is the envy of many, Levinson will have a great number of options. Though it’s possible he will retire (and actually do nothing), it’s unlikely given his past track record. And it’s also worth noting that he rubs shoulders through board service with people like Google’s Eric Schmidt and Apple’s Steve Jobs, all people who show no signing up heading to the beach anytime soon.

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