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[Life Back West] Winter 2014 – “Thank You”

Thank YOU red grunge vintage seal isolated on white

November was a blur but I came away with one distilled thought: It never hurts to give thanks for thanks. The good deeds – mitzvahs if you speak Yiddish – directed my way were small to large but net-net, they were all very kind and very terrific. The unfortunate expectation that some people have is that […]

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The 365-Days-a-Year Thanksgiving

There are things you’re thankful for having or experiencing, and there are things you’re thankful for avoiding. This post is about both. We live in a society that tends to take the high-water mark for expectations moving forward. If you batted .400 playing baseball, you expect to bat .400 or better moving forward. Date the […]

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[Coaching Tips] How to Say Thanks (and When and Why)

The gift fruit basket from Wendy and Richard Yanowitch was over the top, but it was really the simple handwritten card expressing what I had done and their thanks for my behavior that hit the bulls eye. Their thank you letter, as my friend Cathy Madison at Cathedral School for Boys might saw, “was a […]

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