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[The Leader] How Do You Replace a Legend?

Happy kids 2

Leaders come and go, some without notice, and some that leave a void like that special friend who has moved away. Leslie Roffman will retire next June from The Little School at the end of the 2016 school year. I will miss her. So will a community of thousands of parents and kids. In 50 years as a faculty […]

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“I’m Not There Anymore”

Pre-School Graduation!!!

It can be surprising – even unsettling – when you bump into someone who has been a pillar of an organization for decades and they mention that “I’m not there anymore.“ That was the case when I bumped into Todd Wanerman at La Rondalla. Todd was one of my son Traylor’s teachers at The Little School, a person so […]

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25+ Tricks of the Trade to Greater Effectiveness and Efficiency

Communication Modalities

I’ll be working with the staff of my favorite preschool (also the school my son attended, and on whose Board of Trustees I sat for four years), the Little School in San Francisco this evening as part of their ongoing staff development program. While my work is mostly helping senior execs and start-up and leadership […]

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[Life Back West – April 2010] Spring Auction

Spring – the season, not the motion or mechanical element – signals rebirth for some as well as new starts for others. It was the latter that was on my mind as I used my “alumni card” to attend the fundraising auction this month at The Little School, my son’s former preschool in San Francisco. […]

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[New Rules] The Vibe in My (Dolores Park) Neighborhood

In Pareto’s world , big things count a lot, but small things count as well. The trick as it were to is make sure you nail the big things very well, and make sure to do the smalls things well too. It sounds easy to do but my experience is that it’s hard to execute. […]

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[Life Back West] March 2009 – The Value of Experience

A little experience goes a ways, and a lot of experience goes even further. It may not mean you know the answers to the future, but it provides a data set that is significantly greater than those who are newly initiated. I remember Todd Wanerman from the preschool our son Traylor attended (and on whose board […]

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