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The Quality Paradox: The Problem with Firefighters

Firefighters trying to save an abandoned conve...

Everyone admires firefighters. Whether saving a cat from a high tree, or risking (and sometimes losing) lives battling a forest fire, firefighters universally evoke respect. The same is true inside the business and organizational world; everybody applauds and cheers for the person or team who comes in to save the day, prevent the business for […]

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Cherry Trees Are Blooming: Anyone Notice?

cherry blossom special for those who need a re...

People want to be successful, which is usually a combination of being effective (doing the right thing) and efficient (doing things well), putting folks down a path to achieving favorable results. Sometimes – as counterintuitive as it seems – that means doing less, not more. Optimal performance (think weight training, writing a dissertation, running a […]

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Navigating Office Politics: When Real is Fake

“War is hell” said William T. Sherman – and most likely right before he burned down Atlanta (image right) on his famous “march to the sea” during the United States Civil War. Office politics are a close second, particularly in the types of workplaces that either tacitly permit them or promote them. In those atmospheres […]

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